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thailand phuket honeymoon

модели джемперов связанные спицамис описанием Thailand or Vietnam for honeymoon? This question makes some couples hard to decide. Honeymoon trip after the big days is so significant that people must think twice. This article doesn’t attempt to convince you to choose any of the two destinations because both are beautiful and fantastic. It only attempts to make a quick comparison, so most points become clearer for your final decision.

Honeymoon to Thailand and Vietnam

What does Thailand honeymoon package have?

thailand koh samuiThailand tourism has been proving its power and attractiveness successfully as more and more travelers come to the country. First of all, what Thailand has are some of the best beaches in the world. The best local landmark for the потеря сознанияво сне причины Thailand honeymoon itinerary might refer to Phuket. Together with Bangkok, Phuket attracts the vacationers powerfully. Bordered by 36 islands of various sizes, Phuket is naturally gifted with the white sandbank, ranges of coconut, magnificent bays, mystic beaches, and long tail boats. Travel to this paradise, the honeymooners can relax wholesomely, get immersed in the fantastic nature, and experience a memorable sweet trip. And, the most манга эротика романтика romantic places in Thailand include Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala, and Naiharn. There are lots of things to do in Phuket, such as scuba diving, boating, and whatever water activities that you like. Besides Phuket, the top beaches in Thailand are Railay Beach (in Krabi), Maya Bay (in Koh Phi Phi Ley), Hua Hin Beach, Lamai Beach (in Samui), Sairee Beach (in Koh Tao), White Sand Beach (in Koh Chang), and HaadRin (in Koh Pha Ngan).

The Thai people are friendly and generous, just like many other Southeast Asian people. It’s likely to see many vendors peddling souvenirs, food & drink, etc. If you want to avoid crowds at Thailand’s beaches, you should ask the long tail boat vendors to take you to the isolated islands since the locals know best and they are willing to help.

What does Vietnam honeymoon have?

vietnam halong bayVietnam also has some of the best beach destinations in the world that enchant the honeymooners. The common thought might bring you to Halong Bay – UNESCO World Heritage Site. The “Bay of Descending Dragon” is so bewitching that never fails to delight the guests. With breathtaking highlights of Tuan Chau Island, Ti Top Island, Sung Sot Cave, Cua Van Fishing Village, etc., Halong Bay Cruise Trip is what couples desire for happiness and romance. Watching sunrise and sunset over the legendary Bay creates the everlasting love memory. Together with Halong Bay, other оригами порно комикс Vietnam best honeymoon destinations include Nha Trang Beach City, Phu Quoc Island, Con Dao Island, Lang Co Beach (in Da Nang City), Son Tra Peninsula, Mui Ne Beach (Phan Thiet City), etc. Find more than 20 honeymoon tour package ideas to Vietnam here !

The Vietnamese people share the friendliness of most Southeast Asian residents, and in some points, their smiles look extremely friendly and beautiful. That’s why many photographers love to take pictures of Vietnamese smiles. The locals are ready to show you directions to some certain places, give you a heartfelt smile, and help you pass across the streets. Without a doubt, the Vietnamese street food is very appetizing, and the street vendors are the symbolic traits in this country.

You Decide It!

So, эротика девушки попки Thailand or Vietnam for your honeymoon? It’s obvious that each destination has its strengths and attractiveness that might meet some individual references. Whatever your choices, believe that you pick up the best for your meaningfully sweet trip! So, trust your gut feeling for either of the destination as both are excellent, and don’t be doubtful about your choice. Just find a place that you believe it is where two souls become one fantastically until the rest of the life. If the inner voice tells you to choose Vietnam, then trust that Vietnam is your destined honeymoon destination. Otherwise, go to Thailand! The more simply you think, the more easily to live.

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hue food vietnam карта гарден резорт пхукет отзывы 2016 Hue Food Tour attracts the gourmets worldwide for the royal cuisine incorporated in the famous dishes of Hue noodle beef, mussel rice, and steamed rice cake. So, for the unique culinary joy of old royal Vietnam, people might first think of Hue Food Tour.

About Hue and Hue Cuisine

великие географические открытия 15 16 веков таблица Hue is a romantic and peaceful city in the Central Vietnam. In the past, Hue was the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty Emperors.  On the UNESCO status since 1993, Hue and its Imperial City attract the tourists all over the world. While some people come to witness the UNESCO World Heritage site on the gorgeous Perfume River, the others might arrive because of the Vietnamese royal dishes. Together with the Imperial City, Hue has the renowned attractions of Minh Mang Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda, Lang Co Beach, etc. Any travel to Hue leaves the tourists with the pleasant feeling for the ancient landscape, tranquil atmosphere, and appetizing cuisine. Some people might say Hue is boring, but it is not true at all. Rather, Hue is exciting with great food and admirable attractions. квитанция на загранпаспорт нового образца 2015 Hue Cuisine represents the old royal cuisine of the Vietnamese as most of the delicacies were once used to serve the Nguyen Emperors and the royal families. It was taken for granted that the Nguyen Emperors wanted the best chefs to serve them; therefore, Hue could be the cradle for the best and most traditional food in the old Vietnam. Without a doubt, the royal traits in Hue food make it truly special and precious. Together with the royal artistic dishes, Hue cuisine also becomes recognizable for the folksy and simple food. Whatever your taste, Hue has something to fulfill it. There are attempts to preserve the royal cuisine of Hue; people скачать ватсап на люмия 535 travel to Hue Imperial City can ask for the royal-style meals served with the folk music performance if possible.

5 Best Food in Hue

#1: Com Hen (the mussel rice)

Com Hen (the mussel rice) in HueThis is the unique culinary option in Hue. The mussel is boiled to serve with rice, star fruit, cabbage, pepper, onion, chili, etc., and put in a nutrient bowl. When enjoying “Com Hen,” people might cherish the plain taste of the boiled mussels. Once every component of the dish is combined in a bowl, the boiled mussel broth is added for the yummy completion. Note that the key of the dish is the boiled mussel broth which is very nutrient and fresh. For somebody, they can make the broth spicy if wanted.

#2: Bun Bo Hue (Hue beef noodle)

Bun Bo Hue (Hue beef noodle)Like Hanoi is the home to “Pho,” Hue City is the cradle of the “Hue beef noodle” brand which can be found throughout Vietnam today. This beef soup served with noodle or vermicelli includes the fine combination of the high-quality ingredients, from the beef to the bone. Arguably, the key of the fish is the broth cooked by simmering beef bones for a long period. For a better taste, some people might add lemon grass, shrimp paste or chili to their bowl of Hue beef noodle. Otherwise, there uses a wide range of herbs such as the sliced banana blossom, sprout, onion, lettuces, and so forth.

#3: Banh Beo (a kind of steamed rice cake)

Banh Beo (a kind of steamed rice cake)“Banh Beo” of Hue has gone beyond the provincial border to be popularized across Vietnam. This kind of steamed rice cake often includes the chopped dried or fresh shrimp, the crispy fried shallots, rice vinegar, etc. In the little size, the cake looks so pretty that urge people to try it. You can choose to dip the cake into the fish sauce each by each or pour the sauce into the plate of little cakes. In fact, the whole dish is eye-catching and appealing.

#4: Banh Khoai (stuffed crepe served with peanut sauce)

Banh Khoai (stuffed crepe served with peanut sauce)This cake is made from the rice flour, water, turmeric powder, fatty pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts. The mixture is then fried to create the fragrant and appetizing cake. To describe the appeal of the fish, the local people name it “Banh Khoai” in which “Banh” means “Cake” and “Khoai” mean “delicious or joyful.” You can have the cake wrapped in rice paper, lettuce leaves, or mustard leaves, and then dip it into the favorite fish sauce. In Hue, “Banh Khoai” is displayed open-face (instead of half folded). The Hue citizens love to eat this dish in the winter because of its greasy and spicy taste.

#5: Mam Tom Chua (sour shrimp sauce)

Mam Tom Chua (sour shrimp sauce)Hue is the ideal place to have the Sour Shrimp Sauce of the Central Vietnam that has the orange color while the shrimps are kept in the original shape. For a glimpse of the Hue sour shrimp sauce: first, the shrimps are made clean by salt water and cook in the rice wine. Once the shrimps turn red, they are meticulously mixed with the sticky rice, garlic, chili, and ginger. The mixture is then put into a jar carpeted by the guava leaves. After 5-7 days, the sour shrimp paste is ready to serve. It is best to enjoy this sauce with the boiled pork, tofu, and vermicelli.

Cooking Classes in Hue

In нужно ли варить сушеные грибы Vietnam food tour to Hue, you get the good chances to enjoy cooking programs that enable you to explore the prestige cuisine. The Hue cooking courses can take place at restaurants and hotels. If you are working with the favorite travel agencies, then you might rely upon them to pick up the best cooking programs. Often, they are the half-day classes, including the activities of buying ingredients in the markets (Dong Ba Market in particular), getting to know Hue spices, and practicing how to cook the Hue specialties. As usual, the participants can bring the cooking recipe home to practice further.In most situations, the frequently taught dishes are spring roll, grilled beef, banana flower salad, and pancake. Once the sessions are done, you enjoy the self-cooked dishes, plus the restaurant-prepared delicacies. It is also possible to book the veggie food in advance.Regarding the ideal restaurants and hotels for порно мужики ебут искусственную бабу Hue cooking classes, the three suggested venues are Issy Roo Hue Restaurant in Pham Ngu Lao Street, Villa Hue in Tran Quang Khai Street, and Y Thao Garden in Thach Han Street.


So оформление долей в праве общей собственности why Hue Food Tour?The зрелые женщины порно россия Hue Culinary Tour is the wonderful option for the food lovers. Youenjoy sightseeing the antique and meaningful tourist sites that only Hue has, to savor the most appetizing food in Hue (the 5 suggested dishes above and more), and to join the favorite Hue cooking classes for the hands-on experience as well as the new knowledge and fun memory. As you might know, the old Nguyen Emperors wanted the best chefs to cook the best food for them. That is why Hue today is the cradle of the most traditional Vietnamese dishes. Whether you are keen on the Hue royal cuisine of the Nguyen Dynasty, the modern variations of Hue steamed rice cakes, the renowned Hue beef noodle or the sour shrimp sauce, then Hue is a worthy place to gather. During a food journey in Hue, it is easy to find out both restaurants and roadside food stalls have the delicious dishes to serve the foreign visitors.

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temples in bagan in myanmar

There is nothing more rejuvenating than a break taken from everyday life to go on an exploration trip. It helps to reset the body and the mind back to freshness, and helps you maintain a positive outlook towards life. This vacation, consider a Yangon tour to fulfil your thirst for exploration. For that matter, you can consider taking Indochina tour packages that offer various destinations to pick from. Here are some things you can do in Myanmar.

Go to Bagan. This archaeological heritage of a city, spanning over twenty-six square miles, will leave you spellbound with its richness in temples of old. These temples all date back to the 11th century, offering deep insights into the history of this city.

Go to Shan State. Surprisingly, this State offers great spots to hike and trek in the parts that are open to foreigner entry. You will discover the adventurer in you upon mapping the beautiful valleys on foot. You will also get a chance to stay in the locals’ homes and monasteries.

Take a cruise in Irrawaddy River. This river runs through the entirety of the country (almost) and offers you a great sightseeing opportunity. Myanmar tour packages catering to this particular leisure are available in plentiful on the Internet.

Myanmar is a country of infinite beauty, offering a complete range of options for travel – from leisure to adventure. This is where you should come in case you are looking for a little of everything in your travel vacation.

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Mu Cang Chai terraced rice fields in Vietnam

The colorful and heavenly даниил значение имени ребенка характер и судьба Mu Cang Chai terraced rice fields have been mesmerizing numerous nature lovers, especially during the harvest time of September and October. They all come to capture the best aspects of Mu Cang Chai regarding the happy faces of ethnic people, the harmony between the blue sky and yellow terraced rice field that seems to lead us to heaven, and also the peaceful green landscape. For the successful пригласил на секс на улице photograph tour in Mu Cang Chai, do not miss the 10 remarkable places here!

#1: Khau Pha Pass

khau pha pass, mu cang chai, vietnamKhau Pha Pass is one of Vietnam’s most twisting passes that run towards Khau Pha Mountain – the highest mountain in Mu Cang Chai area. The pass is surrounded by the grandeur of mountain ranges, the primitive forest and the continuous terraced rice fields of the H’mong or Thai people. The pass challenges adventurers to conquer it and then record its fairy beauty. Since it’s not easy to reach the beautiful top, only the adventurous tourists can do it.

#2: Tu Le Village

Tu Le Town, Mu Cang ChaiNestled in a tranquil valley of Yen Bai Province, Tu Le Village is the favorite stopover to схема органов гос власти рф photograph in Mu Cang Chai. During autumn, the village is coated with the vast yellow rice fields, the comfortable fragrance of the new rice, and many Thai ethnic people who preserve their traditional bathing habit. The photographs taken in Tu Le are all dramatic and bewitching.

#3: Lim Mong Hamlet

lim mong village, mu cang chaiLim Mong Hamlet has long concealed itself in the clouds for ages. This photography destination is challenging yet inviting with the primeval charm of both nature and people. Most of the tourists love photographing the hamlet and the colorful surrounding from the top view. The pictures become more fantastic if they include some unidentified ethnic people.

#4: La Pan Tan Village

la pan tan vietnamBeing famous for the vast terraced rice fields which are as fabulous as the fingerprints of the Creator, La Pan Tan Village is outstanding. It owns the unrivaled terraced rice fields – the artistic and creative masterpieces of the H’Mong people. Taking pictures of the creative fields, you’ll be mesmerized of their loveliness.

Need to book a photography tour to Vietnam? Go

#5: Ba Nha Bridge

ba nha bridge, mu cang chaiThe photo hunters like gathering in Ba Nha Bridge. It offers the classical bridge and the uphill road for the stunning shots. The youth appreciates this place much because they can carry out various interesting photography ideas in this fascinating and flattering background.

#6: Che Cu Nha Village

che cu nha village, north vietnamThis is a remote village of Mu Cang Chai town. The road towards the village is quite uphill and challenging, but the view is marvelous. You feel that you’re getting lost in the picture of nature in which the simple houses are put randomly amongst the everlasting yellow backdrop. So, just hold your camera and shoot the amazing scenes!

#7: Pu Nhu Waterfall

phu nhu waterfallPhu Nhu Waterfall is emerged from the springs in the prime forest in Than Uyen (Lao Cai). It has the height of 20 meters and is naturally divided into many levels. The waterfall looks extremely powerful and astonishing enough for you to take the eye-catching pics.

#8: Mo Waterfall

mo waterfall, mu cang chai“Mơ” means dream which embodies the fairy beauty of the waterfall in Mu Cang Chai. The sightseeing routes toward Mo Waterfall take you to the dreaming waterfall world. From the bottom to the top of the waterfall, there stands the pristine and magnificent scenery to feast the eyes. You might stop by lots of flattering areas to film when climbing upwards.

#9: Thai Village

thai village, mu cang chaiThe peaceful and pretty village is nestled in the middle of the poetic valley, leaning against the huge mountains. Here, you can capture the truly pictures of peace and tranquility. Then, enjoy the Thai special foods, sleep in the piled houses, and join campfire happily.

#10: Lung Lo Pass

lung lo pass, vietnamThe Pass has been left undiscovered from the Dien Bien wartime, so nature remains totally primeval and charming. All pictures taken in this Pass feature the fresh air, perfect harmony between nature and human. Besides, the simple lifestyle of ethnic people and their unique highland culture of northwest are great bits to expose.

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laos food

When it comes to Laos travel, it cannot help voting for Laos cuisine. Besides the pure nature, tranquil and mysterious pagodas, etc., Laos amazes the visitors with unbeatable flavors of various foods. Some even feel immersed into the appetizing culinary scene of the land where the name and taste of the foods are created by the locals’ belief and affection. Here are the top 7 appetizing foods in Laos that every foodie should keep in mind (Read also about Laos cuisine on this link ).

#1: Laos Sticky Rice

The sticky rice is very critical in the daily meal of the Laotians. The locals love eating the high-quality sticky and white rice combined with the grilled chicken, boiled vegetables, and unique fish sauce. The food is covered in the palm basket; it is fragrant and looks inspiring. You can easily eat it right in local restaurants and food stalls to conclude its exceptional glutinous flavor.

#2: Laap Laos

Laap is the symbolic food of Laos. Believably, Laap in Laos brings luck and goodness to the foodies, so it’s very famous throughout the country. People cook it from beef, pork, chicken, etc., mixed with the minced liver and seasonings like lemon juice and chili. After mixed, Laap is served with raw vegetables. All creates the unforgettable fragrance.

#3: Savannakhet Chicken

This is the renowned dish of Savannakhet in the south of Laos. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you have to come to Savannakhet to enjoy the succulent chicken. The dish can also be found in Vientiane and Luang Prabang. The secret of the grilled chicken lies in the coal made from the age-old tree that bakes the chicken best. You eat it with some balls of sticky rice and spicy sauce.

#4: Khausoy

Luang Prabang is home to Khausoy that looks similar to “Phở” of Vietnam but the taste is different. The broth is simply made by boiling freshwater, and then the big noodles are added and put in a bowl. There also serve with raw vegetables, dried onions, pepper, and chili sauce. How about Khausoy? As the most significant element of the dish, Khausoy is made from the minced pork mixed with tomatoes and spices.

#5: Cracklings wrapped with raw vegetables

This is the special dish in Laos referring to the cracklings that are wrapped with raw vegetables to create the crunchy taste indeed. The dish is ideal for picnic trip or alfresco party. If dipping the delicious complex into the Laos unique fish sauce, you’ll be convinced of its crunchy and appetizing flavor.

#6: Laos Pho

Don’t forget to visit “Pho” shops in Laos to enjoy the fantastic taste that is different from Vietnamese Pho. The broth is originally made from bones, and let the customers add their favorite spices. There limits the use of the raw vegetables to eat with Laos Pho. Then, you dip the slices of pork into the shrimp paste. Enjoy it in person to see whether or not the dish can conquer you!

#7: Tam Maak Hung

It refers to the appetizing dish made from papaya salad mixed with the shrimp paste. The papaya is cut into small bits and then minced slightly. There add lemon juice, pepper, chili, and shrimp paste to create the mouth-watering and spicy complex. The combined unique flavors delight the foodies at first taste.

Beside its authentic cuisine, Laos has many things to discover. Contact a local Laos travel agency to customize your trip !

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The big news that the Hollywood movie Kong: Skull Island (King Kong 2) will be filmed in Vietnam has been attracting the cinema fans who used to admire the first King Kong (2015). If you’re early waiting for this hit and feeling curious what destinations in Vietnam that star in King Kong 2, we help point them out: Quang Binh, Ninh Binh, and Halong Bay. In each of these beautiful destinations, the newest installment of the King Kong franchise focuses on some certain attractions.

The film crew is scheduled to shoot scenes right in Vang Long Westland, Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, and Tam Coc – Bich Dong in Ninh Binh Province. Then, they will move to Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Rao Nan River, and Yen Phu Lake in Quang Binh Province. As well, the next place should be the legendary Halong Bay in Quang Ninh Province. The film crew tries to keep their works secret, and they have committed to maintaining the intactness of the natural environment in Vietnam’s iconic attractions.

As the Kong: Skull Island film is expected to hit cinemas in 2017, the moviegoers now feel eager to be on the wait, and some have plans to travel to Vietnam to discover why the film crew chose Vietnam the place to spend around 10% of the film’s total expense. Meanwhile, this is the awesome opportunity for Vietnam to introduce her beauty to the whole world.

Need travel to Vietnam with Local Professional Tour Operator? See the most updated Vietnam tour packages here !

Attractions in Ninh Binh to be filmed in King Kong 2

Ninh Binh Landscape in Kong: Skull Island
Ninh Binh Landscape in Kong: Skull Island

The three places in Ninh Binh that will star in the Kong: Skull Island will be Vang Long Westland, Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, and Tam Coc – Bich Dong Caves. While Van Long Westland is the nature conservation area with very charming, tranquil, and picturesque scenery, the Trang An owns the exceedingly scenic landscape. Obviously, when it comes to the captivating Tam Coc – Bich Dong complex, the wild and clean atmosphere wins everybody’s praises for the valuable caves. The King Kong film crew makes the right choices of these standouts in Ninh Binh – the second Halong inland.

Attractions in Quang Binh that star in King Kong 2

Quang Binh Landscape in Kong: Skull Island
Quang Binh Landscape in Kong: Skull Island

In the sense to find the pure and idyllic backgrounds for filming the wild life of the King Kong, the film crew highly appreciates the enchanting scenery in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park (including Son Doong Cave), Rao Nan River, and Yen Phu Lake. Within the area around Yen Phu Lake, the landscape is still untouched and intact while the neighboring cave and valley as Mouse Cave and Cha Noi Valley are also taken into account. What’s more, the Rao Nan River offers the primeval backdrop with the beautiful river view. And, of course, the irreplaceable Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park will never cease to impress everybody.

Halong Bay – The Best of Vietnam for a Big Hollywood Film

Halong Bay Landscape in Kong: Skull Island
Halong Bay Landscape in Kong: Skull Island

Nature in the majestic Halong Bay goes beyond mankind’s expectation, and in some aspects, the UNESCO “Bay of the Descending Dragon” is supernatural and fairy. Filming Halong Bay in a Hollywood style ensures the pristine charm of the islands, beaches, caves, and mountains in this fairyland present their best. The whole world is looking forward to the completion of the Kong: Skull Island, which will surely create a hit. And, please expect to view the more beautiful Vietnam than ever in the big screens! Vietnam will wow you.

Some pictures updates at Quang Binh natural cinematic stage for Kong: Skull Island

The King Kong 2 Film Crew is welcome in Vietnam
The King Kong 2 Film Crew is welcome in Vietnam
The movie director Jordan Vogt Roberts at Quang Binh
The movie director Jordan Vogt Roberts at Quang Binh
The actress Brie Larson at Quang Binh
The actress Brie Larson at Quang Binh
The helicopter to use for filming
The dedicated helicopter for filming


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Cambodian Tour not only includes the great Angkor Archaeological Park, but it also points to various pristine, marvelous islands that mesmerize almost every tourists. For anybody that is about to travel to Cambodia, it’s highly recommended to visit the 5 fantastic islands below to come closer to the truly primitive charm of Cambodia.

#1: Koh Rong Island

Koh Rong is considered as the most famous and attractive island in Cambodia. From the beautiful Sihanoukville beach city, tourists will embark the speedboat to reach Koh Rong. The first impression hits your eyes should be the transparent jade beach, which is the paradise for the beach hearts. If you’re fond of swimming and diving to stay closest to the beach, Koh Rong is an ideal haven to settle. Besides, this island is famous for the alive and kicking parties amidst the stunning scenery of beach, forest, and sky for the true relaxation. The deluxe island resorts are the lovely new scores for the attractiveness of Koh Rong Island.

#2: Koh Rong Samloem Island


Koh Rong Samloem is usually included in most of Cambodia Tours. The highlights of this island lie in the primitively blue sea and white sand, making it the super destination for the tourists to rest and relax. Just lay your head on the spacious beach, under the palm trees to breathe the pure sea air and savor the peace of the island. That is the impressive experience for the new guests who hold the firm passion for beach and island.

#3: Koh Thmei Island


Positioned in the area of Ream International Park, Koh Thmei Island is home to many fauna species such as monkey, musk-cat, swift, more than 100 species of birds, and some endangered animals living in the mangrove forest. This address is ideal for nature lovers who may also be keen on the activities of bicycling, watching birds, sunbathing on the primitive beach, view the whales swimming, etc. On Koh Thmei Island, the single accommodation is Koh Thmei Resort with the wooden, eco-friendly houses.

#4: Koh Tang Island


Koh Tang is the lovely little island belonging to Sihanoukville. It takes you around 5 hours boating to this beautiful zone. With the original ecosystem, Koh Tang is the fascinating destination for the tourists to enjoy diving all year round. Surrounded by the clear blue seawater and the colorful coral reefs with hundreds of fish species, this island encourages the new guests to try scuba diving to witness the lively underwater world. 

Are you looking for a professtional local tour operator to customize your tour to Cambodia? Get more information at Cambodia tour packages page !

#5: Koh Ta Kiev Island


Stay closest to the mainland in compared to other islands of Sihanoukville beach city, Koh Ta Kiev is a small yet gorgeous island indeed. The boat trip to this island may take around 1 hour. Besides the pristine fascination, this site is famous for the local Syn Absinthe alcohol. Here, you find the factory manufacturing this alcohol. After hours of exploring the factory, it’s exciting to jump into the blue sea or to sunbathe on the tranquil, idyllic beach. Particularly, Koh Ta Kiev Island has the diverse marine ecosystem; so, this is the favorite address for the amateur and professional scuba divers as well as any soul that love dipping themselves into the transparent sea to begin an impressive underwater discovery.

are beautiful, friendly, and pristine for travelers to stay closest to nature and feel refreshed. Add any of the five suggested marvelous islands to your itinerary early on!

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Mohinga Myanmar Food

Myanmar (also called Burma) is home to the golden pagodas and two-millennium history that attract vacationers who have the strong passion for its history, tourism, culture, and cuisine as well. For foodies, Myanmar Food Tour sounds greatly engaging to delight them all. Provided that you appreciate the Burmese cuisine, let’s learn it so that your culinary knowledge is enriched favorably.  Among world culinary destinations, do not forget Myanmar for the next choice!

Quick Guide about Burmese Cuisine

Due to regions and ethnic minorities, the Burmese cuisine remains variable and distinct. The cuisine of Myanmar is generally featured by the popular use of fish items such as fish sauce and fermented seafood (called ngapi in Burmese). About the taste and cooking technique here, they reflect the influence of Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine, and Indian cuisine.

Please note that Mohinga (the rice noodle and fish soup) is the traditional breakfast dish in Myanmar and also the Burmese traditional dish. You can easily find this famous dish in almost every part of this golden country. Though Mohinga has the high presence throughout the day, it’s often consumed for breakfast here. That is the nation’s unique trait.

The cuisine of Myanmar also covers many kinds of salads in combined with a wide variety of ingredients like wheat, rice noodle, vermicelli, potato, tomato, lahpet (the pickled tea leaves), ngapi (the fish paste), and so forth. Salads are the renowned fast foods in most of the cities here. According to these Burmese, the mango is the best of all the fruit, the pork is the best of all the meat, and lahpet is the best of all the leaves.

Culinary Tour to Myanmar and Cooking Class

Thagu Myanmar Food

The foodies find many interesting sites to explore in Myanmar, from the busy morning market to the lakeside farm, village, teashop, and restaurant. These local highlight promises to delight your palate with plenty of food choices. For example, if landing in Yangon, just stop by any teashop to try Myanmar beer and several local delicacies. The famous option to try is “Ta Phat Toke”, the salad including the fermented tea leaves mixed with various spices like garlic, salt, green chili, and lime juice.

During the Myanmar Culinary Tour, you can customize to have lunch in the restaurant or dine at a round table with the friendly Burmese family. There are lots of typical snacks to try called Kyauk Kyaw (the seaweed jelly with coconut milk layer on the surface), Mohinga (the rice noodle combined with fish soup), and Thagu (the tapioca pudding served with coconut addition). Go this link to see a 8-day Myanmar Culinary Tour.

Apart from the joy of sightseeing the Burmese best attractions like Shwedagon Pagoda, Inle Lake, Bagan, etc., this food tour emphasizes the tourists’ eating enjoyment as well as the hands-on cooking class. The local chefs will guide you how to prepare and cook any of most famous Myanmar food authentically.

You will have to visit the local market at first to buy the raw ingredients like fruit, pork, chicken, vegetable, etc. For instance, the cooking session in Bagan will take you to Nyaung Market. Once you get the ingredients on hand, it’s time to listen to the chef’s guidance and start cooking. Some of the most popular dishes to try out are the Kachin chicken curry, pork curry with Pone-Yay-Gyi paste, rice ball with coconut dressing, noddle with fish soup (mohinga), and more. Throughout the cooking time, you will hear some talks about Burmese cuisine, tradition, and eating etiquette.

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Travel Asia has grown to be the burning interest that many people prefer today. Particularly, the Southeast Asia stands out as the evidence to learn multiculturalism as well as the enchanting vacation hot spots.

phuket thailand

Travel Asia has grown to be the burning interest that many people prefer today. Particularly, the Southeast Asia stands out as the evidence to learn multiculturalism as well as the enchanting vacation hot spots. As the integral section of the largest continent, Asia, the Southeast Asian region preserves the primitive beauty and culture.

While some appreciate the tropical rainforests and green rice paddies, the others fall in love with the region’s ever-changing landscapes with the skyscrapers. In fact, some of the tourist destinations on this continent need no introduction because they have been already popular internationally. Just commence the wonderful Asia Tours to some of the hottest vacation spots as suggested below.

#1: Bali in Indonesia

banyan tree bali indonesia

You will surely love the exotic site in Indonesia like Bali Island, the existing paradise with the splendid natural landscape dotted with the lush green tropical forest, blue sea water, sandy beaches, etc. The joy and fun are boundless on the beaches during the day-and-night tours. Do feel free to surf and dance at beaches, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Besides, you can learn the Hindu culture in some magnificent Bali temples, which preserve the original religious rituals. Also, the Bali streets are full of local markets and modern malls, which are ideal for the shopaholic.

#2: Phuket in Thailand

Phuket is the Thailand’s biggest island, where you find the exquisite beaches and the Phuket-style tuk-tuk (the typical mode of public transport here). There is a beautiful cluster of must-visit attractions like Kamala, Karon, Kalim, Patong beaches, and Promthep Cape. It’s one of the most enchanting vacation spots in Thailand and also on Earth, which helps boost the Thailand tourism. Where to stay in Phuket? See more here!

#3: Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Being the Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur is lively and animated with a huge collection of temples and French-style constructions to feast the eyes. This site is the melting pot of many groups such as Chinese, Malays, Thais, South Indians, Indonesians, and East Malaysia ethnic groups. Besides the rich culture mix, this vacation spot offers the fascinating nightlife to the newcomers. Several of the world’s highest skyscrapers and the world-class cuisine have long been valued in Kuala Lumpur; you may not experience such the exciting cultural and cuisine tours anywhere else.

#4: Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India

The Andaman Islands were used to be under the colonial rule of the British until it was independent on August 15th, 1947, together with India. There are some remarkable French-built long-standing constructions on the primeval islands. The nature lovers all have a passion for the clear environment, fresh air, and the rich homeland to the marine life in this vacation spot. Particularly, Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is one of the most inviting attractions. The history and nature of this destination are unbeatable. Read more about India Tourism

#5: Other Best Tourist Destinations in Southeast Asia

Of course, the list of the best vacation spots in Southeast Asia does not end with only four or five candidates. Since different travelers may go with the different preferences and needs, the list of the must-visit vacation spots can cover the different names. Some of the most outstanding destinations are Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand), Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Yangon (Myanmar), Manila (Philippines), Vientiane (Laos), and Marina Bay Sands (Singapore).

We hope that these suggestions can help you travel from zero idea to some smart choices for the next joyful Asia travel.