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thailand phuket honeymoon николай носов рассказ карасик Thailand or Vietnam for honeymoon? This question makes some couples hard to decide. Honeymoon trip after the big days is so significant that people must think twice. This article doesn’t attempt to convince you to choose any of the two destinations because both are beautiful and fantastic. It only attempts to make a quick comparison, so most points become clearer for your final decision.

Honeymoon to Thailand and Vietnam

What does Thailand honeymoon package have?

thailand koh samuiThailand tourism has been proving its power and attractiveness successfully as more and more travelers come to the country. First of all, what Thailand has are some of the best beaches in the world. The best local landmark for the частные фотоальбомы голых жен Thailand honeymoon itinerary might refer to Phuket. Together with Bangkok, Phuket attracts the vacationers powerfully. Bordered by 36 islands of various sizes, Phuket is naturally gifted with the white sandbank, ranges of coconut, magnificent bays, mystic beaches, and long tail boats. Travel to this paradise, the honeymooners can relax wholesomely, get immersed in the fantastic nature, and experience a memorable sweet trip. And, the most списание по статьям затрат romantic places in Thailand include Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala, and Naiharn. There are lots of things to do in Phuket, such as scuba diving, boating, and whatever water activities that you like. Besides Phuket, the top beaches in Thailand are Railay Beach (in Krabi), Maya Bay (in Koh Phi Phi Ley), Hua Hin Beach, Lamai Beach (in Samui), Sairee Beach (in Koh Tao), White Sand Beach (in Koh Chang), and HaadRin (in Koh Pha Ngan).

The Thai people are friendly and generous, just like many other Southeast Asian people. It’s likely to see many vendors peddling souvenirs, food & drink, etc. If you want to avoid crowds at Thailand’s beaches, you should ask the long tail boat vendors to take you to the isolated islands since the locals know best and they are willing to help.

What does Vietnam honeymoon have?

vietnam halong bayVietnam also has some of the best beach destinations in the world that enchant the honeymooners. The common thought might bring you to Halong Bay – UNESCO World Heritage Site. The “Bay of Descending Dragon” is so bewitching that never fails to delight the guests. With breathtaking highlights of Tuan Chau Island, Ti Top Island, Sung Sot Cave, Cua Van Fishing Village, etc., Halong Bay Cruise Trip is what couples desire for happiness and romance. Watching sunrise and sunset over the legendary Bay creates the everlasting love memory. Together with Halong Bay, other постельное белье василиса иваново каталог официальный сайт Vietnam best honeymoon destinations include Nha Trang Beach City, Phu Quoc Island, Con Dao Island, Lang Co Beach (in Da Nang City), Son Tra Peninsula, Mui Ne Beach (Phan Thiet City), etc. Find more than 20 honeymoon tour package ideas to Vietnam here !

The Vietnamese people share the friendliness of most Southeast Asian residents, and in some points, their smiles look extremely friendly and beautiful. That’s why many photographers love to take pictures of Vietnamese smiles. The locals are ready to show you directions to some certain places, give you a heartfelt smile, and help you pass across the streets. Without a doubt, the Vietnamese street food is very appetizing, and the street vendors are the symbolic traits in this country.

You Decide It!

So, схема стоп сигнала на светодиодах Thailand or Vietnam for your honeymoon? It’s obvious that each destination has its strengths and attractiveness that might meet some individual references. Whatever your choices, believe that you pick up the best for your meaningfully sweet trip! So, trust your gut feeling for either of the destination as both are excellent, and don’t be doubtful about your choice. Just find a place that you believe it is where two souls become one fantastically until the rest of the life. If the inner voice tells you to choose Vietnam, then trust that Vietnam is your destined honeymoon destination. Otherwise, go to Thailand! The more simply you think, the more easily to live.

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Vietnamese Lunar New Year

Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival (popularly called Tet Nguyen Dan or Tet in Vietnamese) is the most significant holiday in Vietnam that people of all age, class, and gender are keen on from the bottom of the heart. Officially, the holiday takes place in the three major days: the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd days of the first lunar month. муж дрочит и сидит в знакомствах The эротика девушки фэнтози Vietnamese Tet 2016 will last up to 9 days, from February 6th to February 14th.

The purpose of Tet Holiday in Vietnam

Traditionally, the celebration of Tet aims to welcome the Spring with various kinds of the blooming flower and tree after a harsh, cold winter. Also, this is the ideal chance for every member of the family to reunite, celebrate the New Year together, and say goodbye to the previous year. People all want to wish for the happy, prosperous, and healthy life in the year ahead. In fact, Tet is full of meanings and preserved from father to son in Vietnam.

Preparation for Tet

Vietnamese people make "Banh Chung" Cake for Tet Festival
Vietnamese people make “Banh Chung” Cake for Tet Festival

One week before Tet, on the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, the ceremony to worship Kitchen Gods (two men and one woman) is held nationwide. These Gods are believed to go to heaven by a carp to let the Jade Emperor know about the households’ activities on the earth. Once the ritual is over, the carp is set free.

Each family will clean their houses and make them beautiful with lots of accessories. Meanwhile, the symbolic foods of Tet are bought or prepared such as Banh Chung cake, pork bologna, red sticky rice, pickled onions, boiled kitchen, etc. Plus, people will buy or make the new clothes to welcome the New Year. One point to remember is that they will pay all of the debt because the pending debt means bad luck in the upcoming year.

Moreover, the New Year’s Eve meal marks the end of the previous year, in which everybody enjoys the happy moments and shares the good wishes for the cheerful time ahead. At night, the Vietnamese people may watch Tao Quan show on TV or go out to observe fireworks. When it comes to the twelfth hour, they will gather and say HAPPY NEW YEAR to each other, letting bygones by bygones.

On The New Year’s Day

Dragon Dance in HCM City during Tet
Dragon Dance in HCM City during Tet

Believably, the first person who comes to visit a household is very crucial; so, he/she needs selecting because they are said to influence the luck of the household in the New Year. During three days of the New Year, people can choose to visit their grandparents, relatives, friends, etc., go worshipping in pagodas, or go vacationing at their desired destinations. They all transfer the wishes for happiness, wealth, and health to each other via gifts or nice words. Especially, kids will receive the lucky money in the little red envelopes. Please notice that red and yellow are the two fortunate colors, which are widely recognizable during the Tet time.

There stands an old Vietnamese saying about the three days of the Lunar New Year Festival: “Father’s Tet is on the 1st Day, Mother’s Tet is on the 2nd Day, and Teacher’s Tet is on the Third Day of the New Year”.

Travel to Vietnam during Tet time

You need more information on traveling during Tet festival and want to contact a Vietnam local tour operator ? Click here !

Just pack and go to Vietnam during the Tet 2016 so that you experience the Tet spirit and happy moments when almost every Vietnamese feel happy with the smile on their faces. It’s the best time to relax, gather with family, and wish for the next prosperous year altogether. Be a part of the у фиалки мягкие листья что делать Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival soon.

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Male City Maldives

If you haven’t had any free time to explore the world’s best vacation spots during the summer of this year, don’t be much regretful as you can begin a summer trip of a lifetime in the next year of 2016! Time flies fast and never stops to wait for anybody; therefore, appreciate the moments you exist on this earth by traveling as much as possible. Looking for the best summer destinations of 2016 in the world? Here is a great list for you to avoid scorching heat.

#1: Malé City, Maldives

The Maldives’ capital is the big commercial and financial center of Maldives – the unrivaled beach paradise on this earth where to dip yourself in the transparently blue seawater and the stylish resorts, city hotels, and guest houses. This city is among the most densely populated cities in the world where to exhilarate your summertime with hundreds of exciting activities.  The best attractions in Malé City to explore are Republic Square, Islamic Center, Friday Mosque, Sultan Park, etc. 

#2: Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay Vietnam

Being inscribed as the UNESCO World Natural Heritage since 1994, Halong Bay has long been the leading destination in the northeast of Vietnam. People conclude that Vietnam Tours cannot be complete if you disregard Halong. This is an extremely excellent zone full of thousands of limestone islands, islets, caves, and beaches to captivate every soul. The seascape here is picturesque, magnetic, and appealing to all passengers who love cruising and sightseeing. Ecotourism in the legendary Halong features emerald water, fresh air, mysterious grottoes, forested mountain slopes, luxurious cruises, etc. Believably, only the Mother Nature can amazingly arrange the natural highlights in Halong in such a spectacular, majestic, and pristine way. Traveling to Halong Bay is sure among the best choices for the summer of 2016.

Are you planing to travel to Vietnam and looking for Ha Long Bay Cruise Summer Promotion 2016? Click here for details!

#3: Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island Michigan

Being off the upper peninsula of Michigan, Mackinac Island is very famous and popular amongst the people in the Midwest. This summer vacation will be full of privacy and joy if you travel across the significant Mackinac Bridge, and then take a ferry to the island. Here, you find no car because cars are not allowed to break the local quietness. What could be more memorable than biking around the island, enjoying a horseback ride, shopping in the town, or resting in the Grand Hotel? Your summer stay is seamless here. Remember to take some well-known Mackinac fudge to home.

#4: Milan, Italy

Milan Italy

Fulfill your summer time by traveling to Milan, the Italy’s fashion capital. All eyes will be eased by the fashionable buildings and thousands of shops. The crowds during summer find it always energetic to fall in love with the mix of culture, art, food, and see-and-be-seen events. Undoubtfully, Milan is the home to your endless passion for style and fashion; where to make a dream of being a fashionista as wished. Meanwhile, entertainment and luxury here are boundless.

#5: Mexico City

Mexico City

The capital of Mexico is usually in tourists’ favor throughout the world; they all desire to boost their summer joy. The city becomes more exciting than ever with the full of cutting-edge art. The first time you set foot here, the extreme modernity will dazzle you inevitably. The National Anthropology Museum or the UNESCO-listed home and studio of the great Mexican architect Luis Barragan can effectively delight all visitors.

All of these five summer destinations of 2016 will never cease to cheer and satisfy the tourists worldwide. Pack and go!

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christmas themes 2016

If you are planning to celebrate a Christmas party and want to impress the guests, make sure you know how to create the impressive Christmas holiday invitations – the face of your party. By letting the others know what’s waiting for them at the party in an engaging and interesting way, your party will be full of guests, for sure. The core purposes of this invitation for this joyful event are to encourage the guests to save the date and to wait eagerly for the upcoming gathering.

What to Write in the Christmas Holiday Invitations?

christmas party invitation

You may spend lots of time and efforts considering how to design the eye-catching greeting cards but may lack a focus on the inviting content. Remember, the wording is powerful enough to please many kinds of guests that you intend to invite. It’s necessary to include the date, time, and place of the party in the texts. Here are some good ideas to carry out.

#1: A Christmas party for kids or a group of friends

You will be there, I will be there

We will be there, even Santa will be there

At my little lair

Come and let us toast

With Christmas in the air! 

#2: A Christmas holiday for a young crowd

There will be many reds and greens

And also many kids and teens

Do please join and together celebrate

On the very special December date.

#3: A Christmas invitation for an old crowd

There will be a small warming house for Christmas at our place.

Please come in and let us toast the festival together.

Enjoy the cold season, warm heart, and all wish for the best.

Choose a Theme for Your Christmas around the World

christmas themes 2015

Thanks to the Internet, you now can get many inspirational Christmas themes on websites. For instance, it’s easy to get the plain cards and then put the personalized wordings in and print them out. Another option is to insert a fun-looking photograph of you and your family on the card to inspire the guests’ interest.

And if you are not fond of the Internet cards, come to the Christmas stores and purchase some. There are many colorful invitation cards with the visible Christmas themes. The next step to do is add your words to the plain space. You can also draw some special things on the envelopes. The traditional snowy scenes and Christmas trees are very popular; so, they may not effectively appeal to the guests.

Significantly, the invitation cards should not sound like you are the single host that celebrates a Christmas party. The cocky voice may turn off some guests; therefore, be modest and assertive with your invitation. Again, do remember to state the necessary date, time, and place for the party! It’s the big embarrassment to miss such these key information.

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When to Send Out the Christmas Party Invitation?

It’s best to send the invitation three or four weeks (at least) prior to the celebration. It helps ensure the guests’ participation and give them time to make a selection because some people may have their plans for such special day. If needed, ask your guests to call and confirm whether or not they will come to the party. As a result, you have some evidence to make a list of the participants a week before the big day.