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Mexico Teotihuacan реальные куклы для секса Monuments, museums, historic districts and cultural centers, Mexico is far from a boring country. Just stroll through the streets of its big cities such as Mexico City to see that there are interesting exhibition museums on every street corner. Arts and music enthusiasts will be invited to attend a performance at the Bellas Artes Theater. The visit of the various museums will fill the agenda of the followers of culture. For a beautiful walk in the city of art, do not miss the Casa Azul, home of a famous Mexican painter of the time, only irresistible discoveries!

The land of the gods is Teotihuacan эластичное тесто для вареников Teotihuacan is one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Mexico. It contained ancestral beliefs. The name of the city means “inhabited places of the gods”. Formerly, the Aztecs long believed that the universe was created from this city. During Mesoamerica and the classical period, this city reached its apogee as a center of commerce and culture. For art lovers and archeology enthusiasts, it is the ideal city to develop its cultures on the beautiful historical sites of Mexico. This very ancient city is surrounded by mystery. This is what makes the region so charming. The Aztec peoples considered this city as a sacred temple and a refuge for its gods. Today, you can see several pyramids which culminate at about fifty meters and at the top of which we observe a unique panoramic view.

A traditional gourmet trek голые большие хуи фото mexico gastronomyMexico City is one of the few cities in the world to offer such a wide and varied gastronomic itinerary. Numerous traditional restaurants are to be found there. At the corner or in the most famous five-star restaurants, the menu displays a mix of local flavors. Mexican gastronomic buffets usually offer rare meats, the main mexican dishes coming from the north of the country. On the other hand, the South is more popular thanks to its spicy dishes. Mexico is rich in marine and lake landscapes and this is reflected very well in the special dishes seafood that the inns offer. More than fifty regional cuisines meet in Mexico City with their own recipes and ingredients. Aside from doing a Mexico tour, both enjoy the good taste of the traditional dishes. In Mexico, every hour its temptation between ancestral culinary practices and contemporary cooking.

Museums: where cultures live

Mexico is not merely that of history, all that is seen there today show that the Spanish conquest of the past has never been total. The buildings remain and the culture has survived. The Museum of Folk Arts of Mexico now maintains the conservation and promotion of handicrafts, and Mexican folklore. Pottery, baskets and a rudimentary loom are at the forefront of the Museum’s showcase. The various handicraft disciplines are displayed by theme. The Museum of Fine Arts is located on Independencia Avenue, in an Art Deco style building that reveals the trends of the traditional Mexican age. The museum organizes free exhibitions for tourists.

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Central America is a region that connects North America to South America, most of the time considered part of North America, but mostly referred as the own region. The narrow isthmus is home to 7 beautiful countries, some of them are very famous like Guatemala, Belize, Panama and Costa Rica. However, some of them are lesser known such as El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Don’t miss out El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua

These countries are not as famous as its neighbors due to many different issues: Honduras and El Salvador are considered dodgy areas while Nicaragua is not as developed as the rest of the countries. But the thing is that these 3 locations are not as bad as they may look. As a matter of fact, El Salvador has made big efforts to fight against this bad reputation and Nicaragua is taking advantage for being an Eco-Friendly country and focus on budget lodging options.

Anyway, if you are tired of flock to crowded areas or if you considered yourself an adventurous person, check out these lists and explore the lesser known locations in Central America.


NicaraguaDespite being the largest country in Central America, Nicaragua is the least visited in the region. It’s hard to understand why, as the country features beautiful and unique locations that can satisfy all types of visitors. Firstly, you can uncover the capital of the country: Managua. Please note that the city is not beautiful, in fact, it has been destroyed. Nevertheless, there are still some fascinating buildings worth visiting. Stroll along the main streets and visit the recently renovated Plaza de la Republica, home to the National Palace of Nicaragua. Next to the Republic Square, you will find the ruins of the ancient Cathedral, which was destroyed in an earthquake.

After that, enjoy an urban adventure in Managua so that you can explore some of the most beautiful areas of Central America. Firstly, you must visit Granada, home to the best preserved colonial architecture in the country. Due to recent investments, the city has also become a very popular attraction for travelers. Granada features a unique elegance and serves as home base to many travelers. Stroll along its cobblestone roads and visit all its churches and museums.

In case you want to uncover beautiful and natural locations, you must go straight to Omete Island. This island is composed by 2 volcanoes, emerges from the Lake of Nicaragua. The northern half of the island is dominated by the active volcano, Concepción, while in the southern half you will find the extinct volcano: Maderas. Most tourists flock to this location to hike the volcanoes or dominate the lake. The island itself is perfect for those who prefer to travel on a budget thanks to its cheap prices on accommodation and on food.

Thinking about a trip to the beach? Don’t miss out Corn Islands. Corn Islands are located on the Caribbean coast and features crystal clear covers as well as underwater caves. These islands are gorgeous and perfect for a holiday retreat. Additionally, Corn Islands are perfect for snorkeling and fishing.


HondurasHonduras is becoming a top location for backpackers looking for an adventurous holiday. Infinitive wildlife, stunning Mayan Ruins, a large array of national parks and beaches makes  Honduras a fabulous location for your next journey.

Most of the time, skipped by travelers, it is a country that offers the best value in Central America. When heading in Honduras, your best draw is to avoid the big cities and go straight to the attractions. You must visit Copán Ruins at first. These Mayan Ruins, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, are one of the most popular attractions of the country.

Apart from that, the ruins might not be as impressive as the ones you can visit in Guatemala or Mexico, in Copan you will find the largest number of sculptures than any other Mayan sites. The ruins and the museum of sculptures are open from 8:00 to 16:00. Plan your trip prior to your arrival. In other words, it’s recommended to be there at 8 sharp in order to witness how the rangers feed the macaws.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean beaches of Honduras, your best draw is to visit Utila, the smallest of the Bay Islands. This island is fabulous for snorkeling because it is surrounded by vast coral reefs and you can also spot a large number of undersea-life.

However, if you want to explore the most famous destinations of the country, visit Roatan Island. What you can expect to find in Roatan? Pristine, turquoise waters perfect for baths and water sports activities. Considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, spending your holidays in this island will ensure you a fabulous time.

El Salvador.

El SalvadorLast but not the least, the tiny country of El Salvador, probably the lesser known location in Central America. Most people skip the country and miss stunning forests, fabulous beaches as well as the opportunity to discover some fascinating archaeological sites. El Salvador is perfect for those adventurous travelers thanks to its numerous green areas.

Explore the Cloud Forest of Montecristo. This unique forest offers you the opportunity to discover a wide diversity of wildlife including spider monkeys and orchids. The forest provides a fabulous fairy-tale atmosphere that will enchant you from the first step. El Salvador features a large number of volcanoes, but certainly one of the best is the Cerro Verde Crater. The views from are breathtaking, the path is not hard and it’s the safest route you can find there.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the best beaches of the Pacific Ocean you must visit La Libertad. This beach resort encompasses fabulous beaches and also boasts the best surf in Central America, with surfers from all over the world. If you are a backpacker you must consider a stay in El Tunco. El tunco is the paradise for all travelers: cheap hotels, cheap and good culinary options, great party scene and the best surf in town.

As you can see, these destinations are fabulous and offer beautiful attractions that will ensure you unforgettable holidays. Tell us what you think about our post: Explore the lesser known locations in Central America: A glance to El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Have you ever been to any of these countries? Share your experiences with us!

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Winter is the festive time for you to get rejuvenated together with the soul mates and whole families. Among the best options of travel North America, the Winter Vacations in the USA are now in favor of many tourists who are dying for the romantic and exciting winter getaways.

Winter Vacation in USA

Winter is the festive time for you to get rejuvenated together with the soul mates and whole families. Among the best options of поздравление днем юмором travel North America, the Winter Vacations in the USA are now in favor of many tourists who are dying for the romantic and exciting winter getaways. Just make some changes for your daily life by commencing the rejuvenating vacation for the once-in-a-lifetime excitement!

Romantic Places for Couple Winter Vacation in the USA

Many of you may first think of beaches and summer camping trips whenever it comes to discussion about romantic destinations. Nonetheless, what we’re talking about is the winter holiday for the two compatible souls. Right in the United States of America, there stand the three most wonderful spots to be discovered.

First, Lake Tahoe is ranked the snow paradise; it is the meeting dot of California and Nevada. A couple can greatly enjoy snowboarding, skiing, hiking, and snowmobiling in this interesting place. Loads of fun and joy are ignited. Some matches even love fighting with the snowballs as free as a child. That helps people in love deeply realize the true passion for each other. In fact, there are many tour packages to this attraction.

Second, Crested Butte is the scenic town or the romantic sojourn for you and the half. At the foot of the mountain, the town encourages every couple to do skiing and snowboarding. Besides, the activities of sledding, horseback riding, ice skating, and snowshoeing are fantastic. Just enjoy the exciting winter day hand-in-hand, and you will never fail to make the sounds of the heart. The sweet evening and the private walk down the street make your holiday extremely special.

Third, Lake Placid fantastically contributes to the fame of схемы тв усилителей New York tourism. There is a very romantic village located on the banks of the primeval lake. Appreciate the intimate and sweet atmosphere to let the mate know how much you love him/her! Also, do feel free to experience lots of adventurous games in the alpine resort.

Want to know where to stay at Lake Placid? View this link !

Interesting Places for Family Winter Vacation in the USA

Ski in North America

It sounds quite boring to spend merely the winter time at home watching TV and sleeping. Why not go for an exciting vacation? There stand some схема прибора для обнаружения скрытой проводки family-friendly spots in the USA that are ideal for the so-called family trips.

First, Yellowstone National Park appeals to the whole members in a family. During winter, the park is coated with the new snow beauty. Trekking offers you all the scenic views of the spectacular sights around. Besides, the educative trip to the park teaches the kids much about the wildlife.

Second, Steamboat Springs is one of the most wonderful кого можно вызвать безобидного духа ski destinations in North America, Colorado. Besides skiing, the family finds lots of shops, clubs, restaurants, and art galleries in this mountainous town to get entertained amusingly. The activities of sleighing, gondola riding and snow biking are also in favor of many visitors. On the par with Steamboat Spring, the Vail alpine village in the center of the Rocky Mountains amazes the travelers with the beautiful valley and many snow-based games.

Third, Sanibel Island is referred to as the best winter lodging for a страстный русский секс winter vacation in Florida, USA. This awesome family getaway features the ideal tranquility for the whole family members to relax. While the children can enjoy catching the colorful seashell, the parents can enjoy their sweet time side by side.