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The big news that the Hollywood movie Kong: Skull Island (King Kong 2) will be filmed in Vietnam has been attracting the cinema fans who used to admire the first King Kong (2015). If you’re early waiting for this hit and feeling curious what прошмандовки порно фото destinations in Vietnam that star in King Kong 2, we help point them out: элина камирен в порно Quang Binh, Ninh Binh, and схемы светодиодных индикаторов Halong Bay. In each of these beautiful destinations, the newest installment of the King Kong franchise focuses on some certain attractions.

The film crew is scheduled to shoot scenes right in Vang Long Westland, Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, and Tam Coc – Bich Dong in Ninh Binh Province. Then, they will move to Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Rao Nan River, and Yen Phu Lake in Quang Binh Province. As well, the next place should be the legendary Halong Bay in Quang Ninh Province. The film crew tries to keep their works secret, and they have committed to maintaining the intactness of the natural environment in Vietnam’s iconic attractions.

As the Kong: Skull Island film is expected to hit cinemas in 2017, the moviegoers now feel eager to be on the wait, and some have plans to стихи о природе 7 класс travel to Vietnam to discover why the film crew chose Vietnam the place to spend around 10% of the film’s total expense. Meanwhile, this is the awesome opportunity for Vietnam to introduce her beauty to the whole world.

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Attractions in Ninh Binh to be filmed in King Kong 2

Ninh Binh Landscape in Kong: Skull Island
Ninh Binh Landscape in Kong: Skull Island

The three places in Ninh Binh that will star in the Kong: Skull Island will be как перекинуть фотки на карту памяти самсунг Vang Long Westland, Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, and заливы на карту отзывы людей Tam Coc – Bich Dong Caves. While Van Long Westland is the nature conservation area with very charming, tranquil, and picturesque scenery, the Trang An owns the exceedingly scenic landscape. Obviously, when it comes to the captivating Tam Coc – Bich Dong complex, the wild and clean atmosphere wins everybody’s praises for the valuable caves. The King Kong film crew makes the right choices of these standouts in Ninh Binh – the second Halong inland.

Attractions in Quang Binh that star in King Kong 2

Quang Binh Landscape in Kong: Skull Island
Quang Binh Landscape in Kong: Skull Island

In the sense to find the pure and idyllic backgrounds for filming the wild life of the King Kong, the film crew highly appreciates the enchanting scenery in порно русских трансов видео Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park (including Son Doong Cave), Rao Nan River, and фильм где молодые люди Yen Phu Lake. Within the area around Yen Phu Lake, the landscape is still untouched and intact while the neighboring cave and valley as Mouse Cave and Cha Noi Valley are also taken into account. What’s more, the Rao Nan River offers the primeval backdrop with the beautiful river view. And, of course, the irreplaceable Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park will never cease to impress everybody.

Halong Bay – The Best of Vietnam for a Big Hollywood Film

Halong Bay Landscape in Kong: Skull Island
Halong Bay Landscape in Kong: Skull Island

Nature in the majestic Halong Bay goes beyond mankind’s expectation, and in some aspects, the UNESCO “Bay of the Descending Dragon” is supernatural and fairy. Filming Halong Bay in a Hollywood style ensures the pristine charm of the islands, beaches, caves, and mountains in this fairyland present their best. The whole world is looking forward to the completion of the Kong: Skull Island, which will surely create a hit. And, please expect to view the more beautiful Vietnam than ever in the big screens! Vietnam will wow you.

Some pictures updates at Quang Binh natural cinematic stage for Kong: Skull Island

The King Kong 2 Film Crew is welcome in Vietnam
The King Kong 2 Film Crew is welcome in Vietnam
The movie director Jordan Vogt Roberts at Quang Binh
The movie director Jordan Vogt Roberts at Quang Binh
The actress Brie Larson at Quang Binh
The actress Brie Larson at Quang Binh
The helicopter to use for filming
The dedicated helicopter for filming


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family relationship

The chaotic life and misunderstanding may cause many couples to say goodbye to each other. However, the sympathy, effort, and patience can help save your marriage from falling apart. At the beginning stage, love may be all. But, in marriage, the spouses have to fulfill lots of obligations for their family, which drives romance to stay behind.

Some problems arise, and people have to compromise. Many spouses fail to communicate comfortably due to the pressure of home and work; so, they think of divorce. But let’s face the fact that separation is traumatic; therefore, many are dying for the tips to revive their marriage. Understanding your needs, we list out the best tips for the lifetime marital bliss. 

Communication and Spend Time Together

If the marital problems arise, the spouses find no way better than communicating with each other. You have to listen and express to achieve the mutual understanding. Just tell the soul mate what you want him to understand first and point out the reasons together. Though the mate may act stubbornly, it’s much better to talk it out rather than sulking in silence.

Regardless of how busy you are, please spend some minutes with the life partners so that they know that you need them. In this way, you feel the sense of togetherness. Even when you relax, ask the mates to stay by you and communicate with them to know what is going on recently. The conscious efforts surely bring the realistic effects even when the mate is reluctant or aloof.

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Handle Marital Problems Proactively with Actions

save your marriage

Both the minor and serious problems need solving at the initial stages, such as picking up the child from school or managing family finance. If there are three and more responsibilities for the two to handle, it’s advisable to draw out a plan so that the two of you can act proactively and respectively.

Remember the key: Actions speak louder than words! Once you have understood the problems, the next step to do is to solve the conflict. The actions that a spouse take reflects his/her love for the life partner – the core criterion for the healthy family. The needful actions can surely save your marriage.

Cheer Up your Marriage and be Patient

The test of time proves that only a few couples can keep their love fires burning because such the fires will be off due to the lack of excitement. To revive the relationship, the spouses need to recall each other’s interest, through enjoying a short vacation, giving gifts, going shopping, watching a favorable film together, etc. By renewing the passion for the lifetime half, you begin falling in love with him/her deeply again.

If you are stuck at ideas, why not seek help from online relationship advice? All sorts of helpful relationship advice are online for your quick reference. Another option is to find marriage counseling to get objective and professional guidance. Reading books on marriage and divorce topics also helps improve the mind.

Since the marital causes for divorce do not happen overnight; rather, it is the matter of time to amplify a minor misunderstanding to the giant conflict. Therefore, patience is the indispensable quality to repair the breaking family relationship. Don’t expect the issues to go away quickly with just some simple words. Once you have done consciously what needed, give your partner some time to finalize the reconcilement and start afresh.