Accounting outsourcing, how to manage fees ?


As everywhere else in Europe and in the rest of the world, accounting outsourcing is on the rise in Belgium. Companies prefer to turn to this type of solution in order to not only minimize costs, but also to ensure good bookkeeping of the company. But like any service delivery, accounting outsourcing incurs costs. How to manage them? There is the question.

What is accounting sub-contracting ?

Accounting sub-contracting or accounting outsourcing is the fact of hiring an accountant Ixelles for the management of the financial part of the company. Instead of hiring a conventional salaried accountant, you must hire an outside firm that will take over the finances and bookkeeping of your company.

Highly fashionable in recent years, accounting outsourcing helps reduce the management costs of a company, while ensuring good financial performance. The firm will take care of all the financial aspect, just like the classic accountants employees. He will be in charge of the registration of the debits and credits of the company, the payment of the charges, the preparation of the audits and various and varied investments, the follow-up of the financial files, and even those with the banks, etc. All will respect the standards imposed by the Belgian law.

This is a service contract and not a standard employment contract. It is therefore easier to manage and subject to less social obligation than a CDI or CDD. What appeal to large and small companies.

A personalized quote for each client company

The accounting firm will propose a personalized quote for each client company. Indeed, in exchange for their service, the latter will require a commission which will not only be based on the capital of the company in question and its size, but also on the importance of the tasks to be performed in its accounting management. In other words, by playing on the different characteristics and the execution of the contract, as well as on the services to be realized, you could negotiate a better quality-price ratio for your accounting subcontracting. In any case, the costs will undoubtedly be borne by the customer.

This is monthly payment if you intend to hire the provider on the long term or a settlement at the end of the service for a short-term mission. In any case, for maximum security, a bank transfer is required for the payment of your due.

The accounting firm advocates the principle of “satisfied or reimbursed”. What better way to put it into practice than to require payment at the end of the service. You can use the capital granted by the bank or your equity. It all depends on your financial situation. It should be said, however, that accounting sub-contracting is much more modest than hiring a traditional employee. Here you have no overtime to pay.


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