Why Hue Food Tour? Culinary Joy of Old Royal Vietnam


Hue Food Tour attracts the gourmets worldwide for the royal cuisine incorporated in the famous dishes of Hue noodle beef, mussel rice, and steamed rice cake. So, for the unique culinary joy of old royal Vietnam, people might first think of Hue Food Tour.

About Hue and Hue Cuisine

Hue is a romantic and peaceful city in the Central Vietnam. In the past, Hue was the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty Emperors.  On the UNESCO status since 1993, Hue and its Imperial City attract the tourists all over the world. While some people come to witness the UNESCO World Heritage site on the gorgeous Perfume River, the others might arrive because of the Vietnamese royal dishes. Together with the Imperial City, Hue has the renowned attractions of Minh Mang Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda, Lang Co Beach, etc. Any travel to Hue leaves the tourists with the pleasant feeling for the ancient landscape, tranquil atmosphere, and appetizing cuisine. Some people might say Hue is boring, but it is not true at all. Rather, Hue is exciting with great food and admirable attractions.

Hue Cuisine represents the old royal cuisine of the Vietnamese as most of the delicacies were once used to serve the Nguyen Emperors and the royal families. It was taken for granted that the Nguyen Emperors wanted the best chefs to serve them; therefore, Hue could be the cradle for the best and most traditional food in the old Vietnam. Without a doubt, the royal traits in Hue food make it truly special and precious. Together with the royal artistic dishes, Hue cuisine also becomes recognizable for the folksy and simple food. Whatever your taste, Hue has something to fulfill it. There are attempts to preserve the royal cuisine of Hue; people travel to Hue Imperial City can ask for the royal-style meals served with the folk music performance if possible.

5 Best Food in Hue

#1: Com Hen (the mussel rice)

Com Hen (the mussel rice) in HueThis is the unique culinary option in Hue. The mussel is boiled to serve with rice, star fruit, cabbage, pepper, onion, chili, etc., and put in a nutrient bowl. When enjoying “Com Hen,” people might cherish the plain taste of the boiled mussels. Once every component of the dish is combined in a bowl, the boiled mussel broth is added for the yummy completion. Note that the key of the dish is the boiled mussel broth which is very nutrient and fresh. For somebody, they can make the broth spicy if wanted.

#2: Bun Bo Hue (Hue beef noodle)

Bun Bo Hue (Hue beef noodle)Like Hanoi is the home to “Pho,” Hue City is the cradle of the “Hue beef noodle” brand which can be found throughout Vietnam today. This beef soup served with noodle or vermicelli includes the fine combination of the high-quality ingredients, from the beef to the bone. Arguably, the key of the fish is the broth cooked by simmering beef bones for a long period. For a better taste, some people might add lemon grass, shrimp paste or chili to their bowl of Hue beef noodle. Otherwise, there uses a wide range of herbs such as the sliced banana blossom, sprout, onion, lettuces, and so forth.

#3: Banh Beo (a kind of steamed rice cake)

Banh Beo (a kind of steamed rice cake)“Banh Beo” of Hue has gone beyond the provincial border to be popularized across Vietnam. This kind of steamed rice cake often includes the chopped dried or fresh shrimp, the crispy fried shallots, rice vinegar, etc. In the little size, the cake looks so pretty that urge people to try it. You can choose to dip the cake into the fish sauce each by each or pour the sauce into the plate of little cakes. In fact, the whole dish is eye-catching and appealing.

#4: Banh Khoai (stuffed crepe served with peanut sauce)

Banh Khoai (stuffed crepe served with peanut sauce)This cake is made from the rice flour, water, turmeric powder, fatty pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts. The mixture is then fried to create the fragrant and appetizing cake. To describe the appeal of the fish, the local people name it “Banh Khoai” in which “Banh” means “Cake” and “Khoai” mean “delicious or joyful.” You can have the cake wrapped in rice paper, lettuce leaves, or mustard leaves, and then dip it into the favorite fish sauce. In Hue, “Banh Khoai” is displayed open-face (instead of half folded). The Hue citizens love to eat this dish in the winter because of its greasy and spicy taste.

#5: Mam Tom Chua (sour shrimp sauce)

Mam Tom Chua (sour shrimp sauce)Hue is the ideal place to have the Sour Shrimp Sauce of the Central Vietnam that has the orange color while the shrimps are kept in the original shape. For a glimpse of the Hue sour shrimp sauce: first, the shrimps are made clean by salt water and cook in the rice wine. Once the shrimps turn red, they are meticulously mixed with the sticky rice, garlic, chili, and ginger. The mixture is then put into a jar carpeted by the guava leaves. After 5-7 days, the sour shrimp paste is ready to serve. It is best to enjoy this sauce with the boiled pork, tofu, and vermicelli.

Cooking Classes in Hue

In Vietnam food tour to Hue, you get the good chances to enjoy cooking programs that enable you to explore the prestige cuisine. The Hue cooking courses can take place at restaurants and hotels. If you are working with the favorite travel agencies, then you might rely upon them to pick up the best cooking programs. Often, they are the half-day classes, including the activities of buying ingredients in the markets (Dong Ba Market in particular), getting to know Hue spices, and practicing how to cook the Hue specialties. As usual, the participants can bring the cooking recipe home to practice further.In most situations, the frequently taught dishes are spring roll, grilled beef, banana flower salad, and pancake. Once the sessions are done, you enjoy the self-cooked dishes, plus the restaurant-prepared delicacies. It is also possible to book the veggie food in advance.Regarding the ideal restaurants and hotels for Hue cooking classes, the three suggested venues are Issy Roo Hue Restaurant in Pham Ngu Lao Street, Villa Hue in Tran Quang Khai Street, and Y Thao Garden in Thach Han Street.


So why Hue Food Tour?The Hue Culinary Tour is the wonderful option for the food lovers. Youenjoy sightseeing the antique and meaningful tourist sites that only Hue has, to savor the most appetizing food in Hue (the 5 suggested dishes above and more), and to join the favorite Hue cooking classes for the hands-on experience as well as the new knowledge and fun memory. As you might know, the old Nguyen Emperors wanted the best chefs to cook the best food for them. That is why Hue today is the cradle of the most traditional Vietnamese dishes. Whether you are keen on the Hue royal cuisine of the Nguyen Dynasty, the modern variations of Hue steamed rice cakes, the renowned Hue beef noodle or the sour shrimp sauce, then Hue is a worthy place to gather. During a food journey in Hue, it is easy to find out both restaurants and roadside food stalls have the delicious dishes to serve the foreign visitors.


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