Travel South America – Colombia Is Top Choice Today


Though Colombia sounds new and not very well-known to tourists, none can deny the fact that it is the beautiful country in the South American. The country has the exquisite beaches and many other tourist attractions to amaze the visitors. Regardless of the past social unrest, Colombia today has been attempting to protect its peace to encourage the tourism industry. And, in fact, the number of tourists travel to Colombia increased from 0.5 million (2003) to 1.4 million (2010). That’s a good news!

Quick Travel Guide to Colombia

The major language spoken in Colombia is Spanish, but many of the inhabitants can understand and speak English. The majority of the population is the Mestizos, the American, and Afro-Colombian. As noted, this country used to suffer the social unrest and high crime rate. It means the tourists need to be watchful to avoid the unwanted troubles. Provided that you travel South American with vigilance, your Colombia trip becomes risk-free and pleasant indeed.

As most of the countries have their dark sides, please look at that bright sides of Colombia showcased via its wonderful nature and resources. While the mountainous areas of Cali, Bogota, and Medellin win the travelers’ praises for their scenic landscapes, the Caribbean beaches of the east coast have the full potentials to be developed as the tourism hub.

The tourists today can take advantage of the Colombia’s national airline, Avianca (AV) to land in this destination of South America. Then, they should take taxis or buses to reach the Bogota center. Here, you find lots of banking services to suit the monetary needs. The ATMs are put inside the banks for the total safety.

About the country’s telephone code in Colombia, it’s +57. Most of the hotels and cafes offer the Internet services. In most situations, the local environment does not influence the visitors’ health condition. What’s more, the etiquette of the Colombians goes the same way as of the Europeans. For instance, a handshake means greeting, and people give up the seat for the elders and women on the public transportation.

The Most Attractive Vacation Spots in Colombia

Travel South American may be even more exciting than you ever wished, and Colombia has many finest places of interest to cheer the visitors. Here are the three candidates to discover to perceive the once-in-a-lifetime memory.

First, Medellin is one of the best places to live in Colombia and ranked “the World Most Innovative City” in 2012. Another name for this animated city is the “City of Eternal Spring” as the weather is fresh and warm all year round (5,000 feet above the sea level). There are lots of museums, cultural scenes, galleries, public spots, etc., in this innovative city. More interestingly, the Medellin nightlife can satisfy even the most fastidious party boys and girls.

Second, La Candelaria gains fame for its amazing collection of many good sites to feast the eyes and fulfill the historical sense. Located in the downtown of Bogota, La Candelaria is the homeland to the admirable Baroque and Colonial architectural constructions, the Botero Museum, Gold Museum, and Colon Theater. You get the boundless entertainment in this Old City.

Third, Cartagena is noted for the heavenly beaches. Besides, there stands the momentous site to contemplate – The Walls of Cartagena, built in the 18th century. When the 20-m thick walls are before the eyes, you know what is called the inestimable masterpiece.


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