Top 7 Appetizing Foods Represent Laos Cuisine


When it comes to Laos travel, it cannot help voting for Laos cuisine. Besides the pure nature, tranquil and mysterious pagodas, etc., Laos amazes the visitors with unbeatable flavors of various foods. Some even feel immersed into the appetizing culinary scene of the land where the name and taste of the foods are created by the locals’ belief and affection. Here are the top 7 appetizing foods in Laos that every foodie should keep in mind (Read also about Laos cuisine on this link ).

#1: Laos Sticky Rice

The sticky rice is very critical in the daily meal of the Laotians. The locals love eating the high-quality sticky and white rice combined with the grilled chicken, boiled vegetables, and unique fish sauce. The food is covered in the palm basket; it is fragrant and looks inspiring. You can easily eat it right in local restaurants and food stalls to conclude its exceptional glutinous flavor.

#2: Laap Laos

Laap is the symbolic food of Laos. Believably, Laap in Laos brings luck and goodness to the foodies, so it’s very famous throughout the country. People cook it from beef, pork, chicken, etc., mixed with the minced liver and seasonings like lemon juice and chili. After mixed, Laap is served with raw vegetables. All creates the unforgettable fragrance.

#3: Savannakhet Chicken

This is the renowned dish of Savannakhet in the south of Laos. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you have to come to Savannakhet to enjoy the succulent chicken. The dish can also be found in Vientiane and Luang Prabang. The secret of the grilled chicken lies in the coal made from the age-old tree that bakes the chicken best. You eat it with some balls of sticky rice and spicy sauce.

#4: Khausoy

Luang Prabang is home to Khausoy that looks similar to “Phở” of Vietnam but the taste is different. The broth is simply made by boiling freshwater, and then the big noodles are added and put in a bowl. There also serve with raw vegetables, dried onions, pepper, and chili sauce. How about Khausoy? As the most significant element of the dish, Khausoy is made from the minced pork mixed with tomatoes and spices.

#5: Cracklings wrapped with raw vegetables

This is the special dish in Laos referring to the cracklings that are wrapped with raw vegetables to create the crunchy taste indeed. The dish is ideal for picnic trip or alfresco party. If dipping the delicious complex into the Laos unique fish sauce, you’ll be convinced of its crunchy and appetizing flavor.

#6: Laos Pho

Don’t forget to visit “Pho” shops in Laos to enjoy the fantastic taste that is different from Vietnamese Pho. The broth is originally made from bones, and let the customers add their favorite spices. There limits the use of the raw vegetables to eat with Laos Pho. Then, you dip the slices of pork into the shrimp paste. Enjoy it in person to see whether or not the dish can conquer you!

#7: Tam Maak Hung

It refers to the appetizing dish made from papaya salad mixed with the shrimp paste. The papaya is cut into small bits and then minced slightly. There add lemon juice, pepper, chili, and shrimp paste to create the mouth-watering and spicy complex. The combined unique flavors delight the foodies at first taste.

Beside its authentic cuisine, Laos has many things to discover. Contact a local Laos travel agency to customize your trip !


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