Mu Cang Chai Terraced Rice Field and the Best Places for Photography


The colorful and heavenly Mu Cang Chai terraced rice fields have been mesmerizing numerous nature lovers, especially during the harvest time of September and October. They all come to capture the best aspects of Mu Cang Chai regarding the happy faces of ethnic people, the harmony between the blue sky and yellow terraced rice field that seems to lead us to heaven, and also the peaceful green landscape. For the successful photograph tour in Mu Cang Chai, do not miss the 10 remarkable places here!

#1: Khau Pha Pass

khau pha pass, mu cang chai, vietnamKhau Pha Pass is one of Vietnam’s most twisting passes that run towards Khau Pha Mountain – the highest mountain in Mu Cang Chai area. The pass is surrounded by the grandeur of mountain ranges, the primitive forest and the continuous terraced rice fields of the H’mong or Thai people. The pass challenges adventurers to conquer it and then record its fairy beauty. Since it’s not easy to reach the beautiful top, only the adventurous tourists can do it.

#2: Tu Le Village

Tu Le Town, Mu Cang ChaiNestled in a tranquil valley of Yen Bai Province, Tu Le Village is the favorite stopover to photograph in Mu Cang Chai. During autumn, the village is coated with the vast yellow rice fields, the comfortable fragrance of the new rice, and many Thai ethnic people who preserve their traditional bathing habit. The photographs taken in Tu Le are all dramatic and bewitching.

#3: Lim Mong Hamlet

lim mong village, mu cang chaiLim Mong Hamlet has long concealed itself in the clouds for ages. This photography destination is challenging yet inviting with the primeval charm of both nature and people. Most of the tourists love photographing the hamlet and the colorful surrounding from the top view. The pictures become more fantastic if they include some unidentified ethnic people.

#4: La Pan Tan Village

la pan tan vietnamBeing famous for the vast terraced rice fields which are as fabulous as the fingerprints of the Creator, La Pan Tan Village is outstanding. It owns the unrivaled terraced rice fields – the artistic and creative masterpieces of the H’Mong people. Taking pictures of the creative fields, you’ll be mesmerized of their loveliness.

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#5: Ba Nha Bridge

ba nha bridge, mu cang chaiThe photo hunters like gathering in Ba Nha Bridge. It offers the classical bridge and the uphill road for the stunning shots. The youth appreciates this place much because they can carry out various interesting photography ideas in this fascinating and flattering background.

#6: Che Cu Nha Village

che cu nha village, north vietnamThis is a remote village of Mu Cang Chai town. The road towards the village is quite uphill and challenging, but the view is marvelous. You feel that you’re getting lost in the picture of nature in which the simple houses are put randomly amongst the everlasting yellow backdrop. So, just hold your camera and shoot the amazing scenes!

#7: Pu Nhu Waterfall

phu nhu waterfallPhu Nhu Waterfall is emerged from the springs in the prime forest in Than Uyen (Lao Cai). It has the height of 20 meters and is naturally divided into many levels. The waterfall looks extremely powerful and astonishing enough for you to take the eye-catching pics.

#8: Mo Waterfall

mo waterfall, mu cang chai“Mơ” means dream which embodies the fairy beauty of the waterfall in Mu Cang Chai. The sightseeing routes toward Mo Waterfall take you to the dreaming waterfall world. From the bottom to the top of the waterfall, there stands the pristine and magnificent scenery to feast the eyes. You might stop by lots of flattering areas to film when climbing upwards.

#9: Thai Village

thai village, mu cang chaiThe peaceful and pretty village is nestled in the middle of the poetic valley, leaning against the huge mountains. Here, you can capture the truly pictures of peace and tranquility. Then, enjoy the Thai special foods, sleep in the piled houses, and join campfire happily.

#10: Lung Lo Pass

lung lo pass, vietnamThe Pass has been left undiscovered from the Dien Bien wartime, so nature remains totally primeval and charming. All pictures taken in this Pass feature the fresh air, perfect harmony between nature and human. Besides, the simple lifestyle of ethnic people and their unique highland culture of northwest are great bits to expose.


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