The 5 Marvelous Islands Not To Miss When You Travel To Cambodia


Cambodian Tour not only includes the great Angkor Archaeological Park, but it also points to various pristine, marvelous islands that mesmerize almost every tourists. For anybody that is about to travel to Cambodia, it’s highly recommended to visit the 5 fantastic islands below to come closer to the truly primitive charm of Cambodia.

#1: Koh Rong Island

Koh Rong is considered as the most famous and attractive island in Cambodia. From the beautiful Sihanoukville beach city, tourists will embark the speedboat to reach Koh Rong. The first impression hits your eyes should be the transparent jade beach, which is the paradise for the beach hearts. If you’re fond of swimming and diving to stay closest to the beach, Koh Rong is an ideal haven to settle. Besides, this island is famous for the alive and kicking parties amidst the stunning scenery of beach, forest, and sky for the true relaxation. The deluxe island resorts are the lovely new scores for the attractiveness of Koh Rong Island.

#2: Koh Rong Samloem Island


Koh Rong Samloem is usually included in most of Cambodia Tours. The highlights of this island lie in the primitively blue sea and white sand, making it the super destination for the tourists to rest and relax. Just lay your head on the spacious beach, under the palm trees to breathe the pure sea air and savor the peace of the island. That is the impressive experience for the new guests who hold the firm passion for beach and island.

#3: Koh Thmei Island


Positioned in the area of Ream International Park, Koh Thmei Island is home to many fauna species such as monkey, musk-cat, swift, more than 100 species of birds, and some endangered animals living in the mangrove forest. This address is ideal for nature lovers who may also be keen on the activities of bicycling, watching birds, sunbathing on the primitive beach, view the whales swimming, etc. On Koh Thmei Island, the single accommodation is Koh Thmei Resort with the wooden, eco-friendly houses.

#4: Koh Tang Island


Koh Tang is the lovely little island belonging to Sihanoukville. It takes you around 5 hours boating to this beautiful zone. With the original ecosystem, Koh Tang is the fascinating destination for the tourists to enjoy diving all year round. Surrounded by the clear blue seawater and the colorful coral reefs with hundreds of fish species, this island encourages the new guests to try scuba diving to witness the lively underwater world. 

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#5: Koh Ta Kiev Island


Stay closest to the mainland in compared to other islands of Sihanoukville beach city, Koh Ta Kiev is a small yet gorgeous island indeed. The boat trip to this island may take around 1 hour. Besides the pristine fascination, this site is famous for the local Syn Absinthe alcohol. Here, you find the factory manufacturing this alcohol. After hours of exploring the factory, it’s exciting to jump into the blue sea or to sunbathe on the tranquil, idyllic beach. Particularly, Koh Ta Kiev Island has the diverse marine ecosystem; so, this is the favorite address for the amateur and professional scuba divers as well as any soul that love dipping themselves into the transparent sea to begin an impressive underwater discovery.

are beautiful, friendly, and pristine for travelers to stay closest to nature and feel refreshed. Add any of the five suggested marvelous islands to your itinerary early on!


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