What To Remember About Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival


Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival (popularly called Tet Nguyen Dan or Tet in Vietnamese) is the most significant holiday in Vietnam that people of all age, class, and gender are keen on from the bottom of the heart. Officially, the holiday takes place in the three major days: the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd days of the first lunar month. The Vietnamese Tet 2016 will last up to 9 days, from February 6th to February 14th.

The purpose of Tet Holiday in Vietnam

Traditionally, the celebration of Tet aims to welcome the Spring with various kinds of the blooming flower and tree after a harsh, cold winter. Also, this is the ideal chance for every member of the family to reunite, celebrate the New Year together, and say goodbye to the previous year. People all want to wish for the happy, prosperous, and healthy life in the year ahead. In fact, Tet is full of meanings and preserved from father to son in Vietnam.

Preparation for Tet

Vietnamese people make "Banh Chung" Cake for Tet Festival

Vietnamese people make “Banh Chung” Cake for Tet Festival

One week before Tet, on the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, the ceremony to worship Kitchen Gods (two men and one woman) is held nationwide. These Gods are believed to go to heaven by a carp to let the Jade Emperor know about the households’ activities on the earth. Once the ritual is over, the carp is set free.

Each family will clean their houses and make them beautiful with lots of accessories. Meanwhile, the symbolic foods of Tet are bought or prepared such as Banh Chung cake, pork bologna, red sticky rice, pickled onions, boiled kitchen, etc. Plus, people will buy or make the new clothes to welcome the New Year. One point to remember is that they will pay all of the debt because the pending debt means bad luck in the upcoming year.

Moreover, the New Year’s Eve meal marks the end of the previous year, in which everybody enjoys the happy moments and shares the good wishes for the cheerful time ahead. At night, the Vietnamese people may watch Tao Quan show on TV or go out to observe fireworks. When it comes to the twelfth hour, they will gather and say HAPPY NEW YEAR to each other, letting bygones by bygones.

On The New Year’s Day

Dragon Dance in HCM City during Tet

Dragon Dance in HCM City during Tet

Believably, the first person who comes to visit a household is very crucial; so, he/she needs selecting because they are said to influence the luck of the household in the New Year. During three days of the New Year, people can choose to visit their grandparents, relatives, friends, etc., go worshipping in pagodas, or go vacationing at their desired destinations. They all transfer the wishes for happiness, wealth, and health to each other via gifts or nice words. Especially, kids will receive the lucky money in the little red envelopes. Please notice that red and yellow are the two fortunate colors, which are widely recognizable during the Tet time.

There stands an old Vietnamese saying about the three days of the Lunar New Year Festival: “Father’s Tet is on the 1st Day, Mother’s Tet is on the 2nd Day, and Teacher’s Tet is on the Third Day of the New Year”.

Travel to Vietnam during Tet time

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Just pack and go to Vietnam during the Tet 2016 so that you experience the Tet spirit and happy moments when almost every Vietnamese feel happy with the smile on their faces. It’s the best time to relax, gather with family, and wish for the next prosperous year altogether. Be a part of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival soon.


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