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Myanmar (also called Burma) is home to the golden pagodas and two-millennium history that attract vacationers who have the strong passion for its history, tourism, culture, and cuisine as well. For foodies, Myanmar Food Tour sounds greatly engaging to delight them all. Provided that you appreciate the Burmese cuisine, let’s learn it so that your culinary knowledge is enriched favorably.  Among world culinary destinations, do not forget Myanmar for the next choice!

Quick Guide about Burmese Cuisine

Due to regions and ethnic minorities, the Burmese cuisine remains variable and distinct. The cuisine of Myanmar is generally featured by the popular use of fish items such as fish sauce and fermented seafood (called ngapi in Burmese). About the taste and cooking technique here, they reflect the influence of Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine, and Indian cuisine.

Please note that Mohinga (the rice noodle and fish soup) is the traditional breakfast dish in Myanmar and also the Burmese traditional dish. You can easily find this famous dish in almost every part of this golden country. Though Mohinga has the high presence throughout the day, it’s often consumed for breakfast here. That is the nation’s unique trait.

The cuisine of Myanmar also covers many kinds of salads in combined with a wide variety of ingredients like wheat, rice noodle, vermicelli, potato, tomato, lahpet (the pickled tea leaves), ngapi (the fish paste), and so forth. Salads are the renowned fast foods in most of the cities here. According to these Burmese, the mango is the best of all the fruit, the pork is the best of all the meat, and lahpet is the best of all the leaves.

Culinary Tour to Myanmar and Cooking Class

Thagu Myanmar Food

The foodies find many interesting sites to explore in Myanmar, from the busy morning market to the lakeside farm, village, teashop, and restaurant. These local highlight promises to delight your palate with plenty of food choices. For example, if landing in Yangon, just stop by any teashop to try Myanmar beer and several local delicacies. The famous option to try is “Ta Phat Toke”, the salad including the fermented tea leaves mixed with various spices like garlic, salt, green chili, and lime juice.

During the Myanmar Culinary Tour, you can customize to have lunch in the restaurant or dine at a round table with the friendly Burmese family. There are lots of typical snacks to try called Kyauk Kyaw (the seaweed jelly with coconut milk layer on the surface), Mohinga (the rice noodle combined with fish soup), and Thagu (the tapioca pudding served with coconut addition). Go this link to see a 8-day Myanmar Culinary Tour.

Apart from the joy of sightseeing the Burmese best attractions like Shwedagon Pagoda, Inle Lake, Bagan, etc., this food tour emphasizes the tourists’ eating enjoyment as well as the hands-on cooking class. The local chefs will guide you how to prepare and cook any of most famous Myanmar food authentically.

You will have to visit the local market at first to buy the raw ingredients like fruit, pork, chicken, vegetable, etc. For instance, the cooking session in Bagan will take you to Nyaung Market. Once you get the ingredients on hand, it’s time to listen to the chef’s guidance and start cooking. Some of the most popular dishes to try out are the Kachin chicken curry, pork curry with Pone-Yay-Gyi paste, rice ball with coconut dressing, noddle with fish soup (mohinga), and more. Throughout the cooking time, you will hear some talks about Burmese cuisine, tradition, and eating etiquette.


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