Homemade Beauty Tips Just For Your Face


The face is the foremost thing that introduces you to the world. Therefore, it’s highly essential to keep your face as beautiful as it is and even more by carrying out some beauty tips. Want to make your face soft and radiant? Be smart to pick up several applicable tips just for your face stated right below.

Remember the Rule “Keep It Clean”

Everybody desires to have the blemish-free face so that whenever they look in the mirror, they feel pleasant. However, the daily life pushes us to deal with the sun, pollution, long-hour working, and late nights – the main factors to harm the face. At present, the market is full of the beauty and cosmetics products; some of them are unverified and can even further increase the agony of face harmfulness. In such situations, the question of how to eliminate the unexpected blemish, mark, and wrinkle becomes highly burning.

In general, there is a golden rule to keep the face beautiful that is “Keep It Clean”. This rule works wonderfully provided that you follow it in the strict way. Hence, do NOT sleep with pollutants, cosmetics and makeup on the face!

Bright Face

Four Great Beauty Tips for the Supple and Bright Face

Cleansing is the first tip to follow. Just put a certain amount of the cleansing lotion or cream on the face and neck! Gently massage it in an upward direction while closing the eyes. Use a moist facial tissue or a cotton ball to clean the cream in the upward motion again.

Exfoliating is the second tip to do on a weekly basis. The daily exfoliating is NOT good for the skin face, remember! This act helps remove the dead skin cells, which cause acne and dull skin by blocking the pores. Use the scrub with granules and cream in a circular direction on the face and then wash it out with water.

Using the adequate toner is the third tip to carry out to remove the dirt and makeup. This cosmetic helps revive the natural PH level of the skin and tighten the pores. Use a cotton ball soaked with the toner to apply over the face and neck. Focus on the areas of nose and chin because they are more likely to get the blackhead deposits.

Moisturizing is the fourth tip to do regularly to replenish the skin of the face for smoothness and softness. It’s advisable to use the light lotion or cream having the sunscreen in the daytime. Then, at night, use the repair cream. Just put the moisturizer on the facial skin and then move in the circular direction to soak it into the skin.

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Two Healthy Homemade Face Masks

Have you ever heard the honey mask? Have a clean hand towel soaked in the warm water, and then squeeze it out of the water to place on the face for a minute, which helps open the pores. Now, place the honey on the face. Wash face first with the warm water and then with the cold water! Another homemade face mask to try is the egg white mask. Add a little milk to the white egg yolk. Blend the mixture and use a clean brush to apply it on the face in the upward motion. Wait till the mask dry and wash the face with the cold water. This natural mask surely stretches the face.


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