Best Destinations To Travel Europe 2015


There are dozens of destinations joining the competition for the prestigious title of Best European Destination in 2015. Thanks to the online voting, some top places stand out of the crowd and win the tourists’ praises all over the world. According to the travelers worldwide, they do hear a lot about the excellent quality of European tourism; but now, they want to think beyond Paris, London, and Venice – the three incomparable magnets. Though you may have your preferences of the best places to travel Europe, this article draws your attention to the five hot sites. You just don’t need to look elsewhere.

#1: Bordeaux in France

Bordeaux is worth the ranking as it has long been one of the France’s most elegant and charming cities. Such the dynamic and cosmopolitan city will never cease to entertain the visitors. In 2007, the site was recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides the inestimable values of history, the vivid modernism of the city attracts the vacationers who are keen on French lifestyle, culture, and wine.

Without a doubt, Bordeaux is the center of the legendary winegrowing area and the key cultural and culinary destination. Located on the River Garonne, this city has long been the significant port for exporting the famous wine. The scenes here are vibrant and spectacular.

#2: Athens in Greece

Athens Greece

Believably, Athens is the cradle of Western civilization. There are many unique, ancient, and luxurious monuments in the city. In combined with the contemporary urban landscapes, Athens becomes the new multi-cultural destination where the tourists come to learn the ancient history and get excited with the modern facilities. In fact, the wonderful combination of the urban innovation with the history, culture, and nature of the land makes Athens the ideal place to be explored all year round.

#3: Brussels in Belgium

The tourists do love this capital of Belgium, where hundreds of interesting stories have been shared worldwide. The capital of over 500 million Europeans has the competence to amaze the newcomers in an endless manner. No matter when, where, and how long you stay in Brussels, expect to find some exciting surprises. You even don’t know what is in store for you in this multicolored heritage since it hosts the most diverse lifestyle influenced by surrealism and humor for centuries.

#4: Milan in Italy

Milan Greece

Milan was a capital of Roman Empire, and now it is one of the most vibrant and modern cities in Italy that is worth well a lifetime experience. The impressive attractions of churches, museums, and palaces in Milan are all praiseworthy. You will surely say “Wow” the first time you look at the magnificent marble Duomo as well as the contemporary art and architecture. Let the elegant and stylish city capture your eyes and heart! In the homeland to design and fashion, you’ll have the best shopping enjoyment ever that suits all tastes and pockets.

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#5: Istanbul in Turkey

Featuring the harmonious blend of the East and West feelings, Istanbul is the ideal city destination that enchants the visitors via its unbeatable sights, sounds, and colors. Your whole system will admire the city highlights such as the imposing mosques, the awe-inspiring churches, momentous museums, etc. What’s more, the long-standing presence of the famous art galleries, nightclubs, and world-class buildings in the streets of the Grand Bazaar makes you feel like it’s the paradise of entertainment.


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