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Digital Marketing is the use of electronic channels to market the products/services to the customers and businesses. As the hot trend in today society, it appeals to many talented and knowledgeable employees who attempt to be the Digital Marketing Manager. Have you got a good understanding of this digital field and the job involved yet? You’ll surely find our guide informative.

A Small Talk about Digital Marketing and the Job Involved

Digital Marketing refers to the marketing via the mediums of Internet, social media, mobile phone, radio, and television, to reach the target audiences in the whole world faster than ever. And, the Manager in this field will handle, helping the companies achieve the sales as well as the service targets. Since most of the businesses today have computer and Internet connection, it can be said that we’re living in the digital era when the Internet Marketing is universally popular.

In general, those working in the marketing field in such digital world need to have a good knowledge of the financial markets and the latest trends. Along with that, to succeed, the employees should develop the good verbal and written communication skills so that they can professionally convince the customers of their roducts either via mobile phone or the Internet social network (check the list here).

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

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The manager needs to have leadership ability to manage the team of marketing executives. Regularly, the digital manager is in charge of conducting team meetings with the clear key performance indicator (KPI) so that he/she can evaluate the performance of the team members.

The digital marketing manager will design and promote the email newsletter for the company’s products and services. Besides email marketing, it’s necessary to update the website with some latest and attractive information about discounts, new services, innovative rates, and exact contact details. By using the social media channels, the marketing manager in the digital field will try to promote the brand and build a good relationship with the clients worldwide. What’s more, the marketing options via mobile phones and SMS/MMS also need operating to make the good frame for the sales team.

The manager is expected to have dozens of marketing ideas to launch the products in the most engaging way. In common, the avail of some strategies like Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay per Click (PPC), and Search Engines Optimization (SEO), helps boost the online marketing with the high rewards. The head of the digital marketing team also needs to identify the new opportunities and avenues, which help the company make money online.

Today, there are some business universities offering the Master’s program in Digital Marketing. One of the core criteria to enter the course is to have the Bachelor’s degree in Internet marketing or any other relevant field. In general, the Master’s program covers the basics of SEM, PPC, and SEO. Some other topics of advertising, web analytics and budget management are also included.

Salary for Digital Marketing Job

The online marketing manager can earn the average salary between USD$50,000 to USD$85,000 per year, plus the bonus. The amount may vary based on the employee’s experience and job location. Anyhow, it’s predicted that those working in the digital marketing field can expect the better days ahead. Since the U.S. economy now has the signs of stabilization, it’s the good time for somebody to enter the digital field.


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