The Best Tourist Attractions To Travel Australia


If you have finally decided to travel Australia, make sure you know some of the best tourist attractions in this beautiful country. We are happy to draw your attention to the most outstanding names. Trust us! You will never feel disappointed with this Commonwealth country as it is very attractive and charming. Thousands of tourists have been falling in love with both the scenic landscapes and the intelligent man-made spots here.

#1: The Great Ocean Road

About one-hour drive from Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s most spectacular roads. The 250km scenic road was built to commemorate the soldiers who died in the World War II. The magnificence of the road lies on stretches through the picturesque cliffs and the isolated beaches. Along such the beautiful road, there are many places of interest to satisfy the adventurers who love hiking and conquering nature. You can hike towards the Otway National Park and Campbell National Park to see the interesting shaped rocks.

#2: The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

This attraction brings pride and fame to Australia. With the admirable biodiversity, the Great Barrier Reef has been attracting the nature lovers to come to witness the biggest coral reef on this planet. The biodiversity of the site is inestimable; and, in fact, the visitors can greatly contemplate the colorful coral reef, the Indo-Pacific hunchback dolphin, the flat back turtle, saltwater crocodiles, and more. Almost all scuba divers get addictive to this natural site.

#3: Kangaroo Island

As the famous symbol of Australia, the kangaroo calls for the tourists’ passion, and Kangaroo Island is the Australia’s third biggest island, after Tasmania and Melville. The ferry is the only means of transport to reach the island of kangaroos – the wonderful wildlife environment for all kids and adults. The presence of albino wallabies, sea lions, and small blue penguins may encourage many to travel Australia. It’s very exciting to try feeding the cute penguins at sunset.

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#4: Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Located close to the Sydney Harbor, the Sydney Opera House is a huge magnet pushing the tourists to book Australia Tour Packages every day. It is the internationally famous venue recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. The first time you witness this performing art center in Sydney, you will say ‘Wow” inevitably as it is eye-catching even from afar, for sure. The Opera House is where millions of audiences come to enjoy the art performances and the construction’s luxurious layout with cafes, bars, recording studio, and retail stores. Also, stop by the Sydney Harbor Bridge for the scenic views!

#5: The Kings Canyon

It is the big gift that nature gives Australia. Settled in the Watarrka National Park, the Kings Canyon is measured to be 270m in depth. Many adventurers do try to conquer the naturally magnificent canyon. Some love trekking to its trim to reach the Garden of Eden swimming hole. Please note that the trekking journey is uneasy at all! You have to begin in the early morning to avoid the fatigue. The sightseeing and exploring opportunities in the canyon are unlimited. It feels like you are staying in the different world.

These are five of the best places in Australia, which never cease to amaze the visitors. Since Australia is the gifted land, it satisfies you from the time you set foot on till the time you take off.


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